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Get Your Sex Life Ready For Summer.

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines down on Cyprus, it’s time to summer-proof your sex life. It's a season of adventure, freedom, and passion, but also sand in unmentionable places and sweat! So it seemed like a good time to talk about the allure of waterproof sex toys, the importance of hygiene during hot weather, and fun ideas for intimacy and romance all summer long.

The Allure of Waterproof Sex Toys

When it comes to intimate moments this summer, embracing the sensuality of water is a delightful way to enhance intimacy. Waterproof sex toys offer an exciting avenue for exploration, whether in a pool, shower, or on a secluded beach. From vibrators to anal toys, waterproof qualities mean you and your partner can break free from the bedroom.

Keeping Clean

With the rising temperatures, it's essential to prioritise hygiene to ensure a comfortable and healthy summer of intimacy. Sweat and moisture can accumulate more easily during hot weather, and when you throw sand into the mix, there’s potential for some serious discomfort.

Stay Fresh: Shower regularly and pay attention to your intimate areas. Use mild, pH-balanced cleansers to maintain the delicate balance of your skin.

Clothing Choices: Opt for breathable fabrics for your underwear to allow air circulation and reduce moisture buildup. Embrace loose fits and flowing fabrics to keep cool.

Lubrication: Use water-based lubricants to prevent friction and discomfort during intimate moments.

Regular Changing: Change out of wet swimsuits promptly to prevent prolonged moisture exposure, which can create an environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive.

Summer Intimacy

Summer not only ignites passion but also provides an opportunity to deepen emotional connections. The longer days and warm weather encourage outdoor activities and shared experiences, fostering a sense of togetherness. Here are a few ways to embrace love and intimacy during the summer:

Outdoor Adventures: Explore nature together through hikes, picnics, or romantic walks on the beach.

Summer Staycations: Plan a romantic weekend getaway or a spontaneous road trip to escape from the daily routine. Head to a beach resort in Limassol, reach cooler heights in Troodos or explore nature in Akamas.

Communication and Connection: Use the relaxed summer atmosphere to connect on a deeper level. Engage in open and honest conversations, sharing desires, fantasies, and aspirations.

Summer is a season that fuels passion, making it an ideal time to explore the realms of intimacy. Explore water within your intimate moments, connect with your partner through intentional activities and slow down and smell the summer air.

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