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Find Your Wiggle: Getting Started with Anal Play

For some, it’s a regular part of their sexual experiences. For others, it is unknown territory. If you're new to anal play, it might feel intriguing, exciting or nerve-wracking. And it can feel like it’s still quite a taboo topic. But don’t let the stigma or fear, put you off; with a bit of preparation, both mentally and physically, some simple starting points, and a little bit of lube, you can explore anal play at your pace.

So if you are ready to try but don’t know where to start, we have what you need. Our simple guide to getting started with anal play.

Get over the taboo

First things first, don’t freak yourself out with what others say or society's viewpoint on anal play. If it's something you want to explore, embrace that feeling and find a way to tap into your desire. And find a way to do it your way; a way that is comfortable, accessible, and ultimately pleasurable.

Set boundaries

Deciding to have anal sex is a big decision; never feel pressured into it if you don’t feel it’s something you want to explore. It’s a deeply intimate experience and we recommend doing a little research first. Whether you are looking to go solo or you and your partner want to try it out, talk about it, do some research, and set some boundaries.

Start slow with touch

We recommend starting slow and getting in touch with your own body. Maybe you want to try some solo play with your fingers or a vibrator. Or perhaps you want your partner to explore softly with their hands or their tongue. Once you feel comfortable with the sensations, take it a step further.

Anal your way

Anal play looks different for everyone. It may be incorporating some gentle touching into foreplay, it might be using an anal plug during intercourse, it might be exploring other toy options like vibrators to amplify your anal pleasure and it might be anal penetration with your partner. Do it your way; a way that feels right and pleasurable for you.

Try different positions

If you do decide to go for anal penetration, do some research. Consider different positions not just those standard ones you see in the movies. Doggy style might be the position you first thought of but it's not necessarily the best one. Missionary allows for a little more control, and a less intense experience, and you can connect and communicate being face to face. We recommend trying this one to start with.

Lube up

For anal play to be as enjoyable as possible, we recommend using a lube for a smooth experience. Try a water-based gentle lubricant or choose a specific anal play lube.

Remember hygiene and safety

Use condoms; with anal penetration, you can still spread bacteria and transmit STI so practice safe sex. And if you’re switching between anal play and other sexual activities, remember your hygiene. Clean yourself, your toys, and your partner to avoid spreading bacteria.

And maybe it’s not for you!

Anal play isn't for everyone. And that's OK.

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