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Find Your Wiggle: Let's Start With Self-Love

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Self-love is one of those terms which many people throw around but what do we really mean when we talk about self-love and why is it important? Simply put, self-love is placing a focus on your wellbeing. And we believe loving yourself is fundamental for a balanced and successful relationship, full of joy, pleasure and hopefully a little Wiggle.

Women in black crop top in a moment of happiness or laughter

So let's break it down; self-love comes with understanding, acceptance and confidence.

Get to know yourself; understand what makes you tick, what bores you, what excites, what makes you happy and what makes you sad. What triggers you, what inspires you and what your core values are. Taking time to look at these elements can give you a greater insight into who you are as an individual. To understand who you really are, consider exploring your Enneagram personality or define your values.

Understanding your body is just as important as understanding your mind; what makes you feel good, what are your physical boundaries, what do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Accepting who you are as a person (in terms of your physical body, your values and your personality) can be a difficult journey. We are often too critical of ourselves; we venerate others but casually discredit ourselves whether that be putting down our appearance, judging our reactions harshly or being flippant towards our own needs or values.

To really find love for yourself, you have to accept the person you are and embrace that individual, flaws and all.

Being confident in yourself can take time; showing up in the world and saying this is who I am can feel a little scary as it’s human nature to be concerned about rejection by others. But when you own your personality, your values and your image, you create confidence in yourself and that's your superpower.

When you find self-love, and it may only be a small percentage (but that can grow over time), you may find it easier to explore your relationship with a significant other. Because the relationship with yourself is not such a mystery.

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