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The TENGA US masturbator are revolutionary disposable male masturbators that combine advanced technology and internal design for unprecedented sensation. The smooth thermoplastic interior is pre-lubricated and automatically applies lubricant as you insert it. America is synonymous with Ultra size: the TENGA from U.S. it is larger than standard TENGA masturbators. Although they allow those up to 7" to be fully inserted (compared to the standard 6"), the TENGA from U.S. it also offers a much stronger suction than standard masturbators, regardless of the size of the user.


Ultimate Pleasure: Enhanced by years of engineering breakthroughs, our male masturbator features an hourglass shape for sublime tension, while special valves create a virtual vacuum for incredible suction.


Realistic Feeling: Simulates the feeling of deep throating; Specialized soft pad insertion mechanism provides a silky smooth feel, added grip and tension, and even prevents lubricant leakage.


SMOOTH AND TIGHT: Designed with a pre-lubricated TPE interior that automatically applies lubricant as you insert it; the integrated air hole allows you to create a sensation of vacuum for an exciting suction.


USER-FRIENDLY DISPOSABLE DESIGN – Portable and easy to carry, our male masturbator cup allows for discreet use and comes in 2 sizes: standard and ultra size for larger men.


Made in Japan - Proudly designed, engineered, and created in Japan


  • Packed size (W × L × H mm): 80 x 80 x 181
  • Insertion Depth (mm): Approx. 170
  • Insertion Width (mm): Approx. 70
  • Packed weight (g): 219
  • Other data: Pre-lubricated, Disposable


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