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If you are looking for new experiences and want to get started in anal sex, this metal anal plug is perfect for you. Designed to offer you endless pleasurable sensations, it is perfect to give your orgasms more intensity and to dilate the anus.

Its conical shape is ideal for stimulating you and offering you incredible orgasms. In addition, you will love its extra soft smooth texture. You can play with the temperature by heating it up or cooling it down. This will add more time. excitement in your erotic fantasies.


  • Made of ultra-smooth Aluminum.
  • Does not contain nickel.
  • Decoration set in the base in the shape of a brilliant in rigid plastic.
  • 50 grams.
  • 7cm length
  • 2.8 cm diameter
  • Gunmetal color
  • Easy cleaning after each use
  • Compatible with any lubricant, water-based or silicone-based.


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