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SATISFYER ONE NIGHT STAND FOR A NIGHT LIKE NO OTHER If you don’t want to risk going home with a 10 and waking up next to a 3, the Satisfyer One Night Stand is your best bet!


For one night, your Satisfyer will seduce you with its tried-and-tested pressure-wave power, taking you on an ecstatic journey of the most pleasurable kind - a small teaser especially for those who have not yet enjoyed Satisfyer’s technology!

With 4 pressure-wave settings, the Satisfyer One Night Stand will pulsate its way right into your heart. Meanwhile, your love bead is encircled and pampered by the toy’s soft, medical grade silicone.


The One Night Stand has a unique run time of around 35 minutes - plenty of time for the original Satisfyer power to ensure a fiery warm-up, numerous stormy highlights and a tender aftershock: an orgasmic odyssey! Going home alone has never been so seductive!


  • Original Satisfyer motor
  • Medical grade silicone
  • 4 pressure wave settings
  • 35-minute run time
  • Batteries included (non interchangeables)


In a seductive berry red, the ergonomic design fits handily into the smallest of bags, so the One Night Stand is always ready to perform.


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