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The evening primrose exciting for use in intimate massage of the woman, is intensifier of pleasure and orgasm, and that applied in their intimate zone, provides women with more sensitivity, more sensuality, facilitating and lengthening the time of pleasure.


This new formula provides greater softness and a remarkable sliding, and this, at the same time, to improve the care of your most intimate area. Its warm and cold effect is then complemented by a pleasant tingling sensation of intense pleasure.


  • Arginina Arginina that acts as a vasodilator, increasing sensitivity. It is immediate action. It is an amino acid that is involved in some functions of the body of the woman, highlights its aphrodisiac effects, what improvement notably sexual desire, also, arginine is involved in the erection of the clitoris, in the first phase. Highly recommended in situations in which you want to get a real climax and a nice sexual relationship; indicated in the intimate massage, and in particular, in cases of frigidity, sexual apathy, at penetrations uncomfortable and unpleasant, and in any situation you want to enhance and increase sexual pleasure.
  • Oil of evening primrose extract contains gammalinoleico (PEG1) which promotes the production of prostaglandins and acting in the dilation of blood vessels, whose action is essential to have a good erection of the clitoris. P aloe Babadensis: ara a greater care and softness of feminine intimate area.
  • Menthol: providing freshness and analgesic effect on mucous membranes
  • Camphor: Cold-heat effect is complemented by a pleasant tingling sensation of intense pleasure to immediate action.
  • How to use: Apply sufficient amount of gel on the area, previously neat, doing, at the same time, a light and soft massage until you feel comfortable and pleasant tingling feeling.
  • Prepare the area and condition it to make massages promote the circulation of fluids; It is intensifier, sliding and softening. Is for external use; It is non-toxic, so it can be used in quantity and frequency according to your needs.
  • 50 cc


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