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Meet Amour, a heart-shaped tip bullet that gives playful, fluttering sensations. Amour™s fluttering tip has a sensual tickling sensation which is perfect for exploring all erogenous zones. Use Amour to tease all pleasure points such as the clitoris, nipples, testicles, and vulva. With silky soft, body safe medical grade silicone, Amour feels great to touch. Let our famous rumbly motors penetrate your body deeper, giving you a richer, deeper sensation.

Compact bullet vibrator with a heart-shaped tip for fluttering sensations

  • 5 speeds and 7 patterns set to thrill you
  • Quiet for private play, or perfect for use with a partner
  • Waterproof for fun in the water
  • Fully rechargeable, plug into a USB port wherever you are
  • 100% Vegan vibrator
  • Travel lock - just hold + and - together to lock and unlock
  • How it Measures
  • Height: 137.6mm / 13.76 cm
  • Width (includes tip) 55 mm / 5.5 cm
  • Depth 25 mm / 2.5 cm

Amour's tip is great for foreplay regardless of if you are using with yourself or with a partner. Use the tickling tip to tease all parts of the body from arms, legs, neck, testicles, and nipples. The fluttering sensations will feel great against the skin and build up excitement. For partner play, you can take things up a level and try teasing the erogenous zones with a blindfold. Use the tip of Amour to gently tease the vulva and explore the entire area to see what feels good. The rumbly vibrations are designed to give deeper sensations so push against the external clitoris to build up tension. Once you find what feels good keep focused on that area and increase the pressure to take to you to climax. Amour can work in multiple positions so try different directions including tickling the hood of the clitoris by facing Amour's tip towards you.

You can also get creative with a partner, use Amour between 2 bodies, and enhance oral sex sensations.

Use the different speeds and patterns to explore what intensity and rhythms suit your mood, each time can be different, get creative and experiment.


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