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COQUETTE CHIC DESIRE FANTASY vegan leather necklace with nipple clip attached by metal chain (Included).


Crafted from soft vegan leather and finished with two chain nipple clamps, this clip collar set secures your subject instantly.


The comfortable collar easily adjusts to almost all sizes, while the nipple clamps give you just the right tension in the right place.


Simply adjust the screw to the nipples until it is snug and comfortable and you begin to enjoy the pleasure of a good nip. Its rubber coatings will allow that with the action of the moment they do not slip and remain in place.


The leather collar has a resistant ring to connect a strap (strap included) and thus have your subject, well attached. The nipple clamps are connected to the collar with metal chains.


It's perfect for beginners and durable enough for the more experienced fetish enthusiast! This vegan leather, nickel free metal chain and durable slave collar is perfect for advanced players.


Use this toy alone or with other COQUETTE CHIC DESIRE FANTASY items.

  • Made of material; Neoprene, Nickel Free Metal and Vegan Leather.


The COQUETTE CHIC DESIRE FANTASY collection is the perfect one for BDSM, quality and resistance suitable for any game!


How can you practice in a healthy way?

* Communication is vital. On the one hand, all the parties involved must verbally and clearly express their consent to carry out some of these practices. But it is not all, there must also be a previous conversation about the so-called soft limits, those that I am willing to give up and / or negotiate and the hard limits those that I am not willing to compromise.


* Use the so-called safety word, that is, choose a certain word that means "stop", either because something is uncomfortable, painful or unpleasant. It is recommended that it be a color or a word that is not generally said during sexual intercourse such as a soft color or a thing, for example "yellow" or "pink" so that the dominant or submissive will listen to it and stop. It is also advised not to use words like "No" or "Stop" as for the other person it can be even more stimulating.


* Do not occupy elements that pose a risk to the other person, that is, implements that have been created specifically for these practices and therefore it is very important to use products such as COQUETTE CHIC DESIRE FANTASY. Sex toys can also be safely included in these practices, whether for penetrative sex, masturbation, or external stimulation.


* Never forget to use a condom, as this is the only way to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


On the other hand, if it is the first time that you are engaging in these practices, the first thing to do is inform yourself and get good advice to know what it is about, its myths and truths. ?We suggest starting at least intense and increasing the intensity, only then those involved will be able to discover their limits, what they like or not. In this aspect, at COQUETTE CHIC DESIRE FANTASY we have products that can be a great support for this path. There are also board games that help to ?break the ice? to try and discover new sensations ?


"And of course, as we mentioned before, previously, have a clear and honest conversation with the couple about the limits and by the way, about the consent to perform some or all of the practices that are part of BDSM"


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