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Tassels with a hypnotic twirling movement. The Burlesque collection gives plenty of reasons (for seducing)... If you enjoy feeling sexy and attractive, you will love the Burlesque pasties. Wear them together with your favorite lingerie and you will desire and be desired... Va Va Voom! Content: self-adhesive nipple-covers with tassel.


Did you know that...

... The pasties are reusable?

... The adhesive will hold the pasties securely in place through several uses?


But when you notice they are losing their adhesiveness, you can renew it by following these practical tips:


1. Gently wash the adhesive side of the pasties with mild soap and water.

2. Let them air dry and replace the plastic protectors.

3. Keep them in their original box, to keep them dust- and lint-free.


The Burlesque Pasties reclaims the spirit of cabaret and vaudeville theatre? Burlesque Pasties reclaim the splendor and sophistication of those nights, to bring an authentic vintage touch to your seduction.


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