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Find Your Wiggle; Male Masturbation

Updated: Jul 3

There are many misconceptions about masturbation and that includes male masturbation. But, self-love is a healthy part of any relationship and can be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Understanding the importance of this intimate activity for yourself, or if you're a woman or man reading this, your male partner, can be beneficial to unlock a deeper level of understanding in your relationship. 

A man lifting his head up during a moment of pleasure with soft lighting

The Benefits of Male Masturbation; Physical, Mental and, Sexual

Physically, masturbation can have a huge impact on your stress levels and sleep; The release or endorphins and oxytocin when you reach orgasm can promote better sleep whilst the act of masturbating can also improve symptoms of stress. 

Masturbation can also elevate your mental health thanks to its mood-enhancing capabilities. Masturbation triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin, improving mood and overall well-being. And, the simple act of pleasuring yourself and exploring your own body can increase confidence and, self-awareness and, self-esteem.

It sounds counterintuitive to say that masturbating can enhance your sexual wellness but we firmly believe it can. Not only does it give you a better insight into what you like, which means you can show your partner better, but it helps improve stamina and sexual performance. 

Enhancing the Experience: Toys, Lubes, and More

To make your self-love sessions even more pleasurable, incorporating various toys, lubricants, and techniques can be a game-changer. Here are some suggestions:

Masturbation sleeves come in various textures and designs, providing a different sensation from traditional hand stimulation. Our favourite brands include Fleshlight which is one of the original male masturbators Tenga which offers innovative designs like the Tenga Egg and Tenga Flip Hole and Satisfyer which has a variety of male vibrators and eggs designed to mimic a real-life experience. The Fun Factory Manta is a unique toy for men that works just as well with a partner as it does solo. 

Prostate Massagers can be an orgasmc experience. For those interested in exploring prostate stimulation, devices like the Fun Factory Tiger and Lelo Billy 2 offer targeted pleasure. 

Vibrating Rings are worn at the base of the penis to provide additional stimulation and prolong erection. They are particularly good for partner play too. 

Lubricants are a must for solo play. They help reduce friction and enhance the sensitivity of the penis so every stroke or touch is intensified. Bijoux Indiscreets, Mixgliss and Intymate lubrications are all fantastic options for a smooth self-pleasure moment. 

Don’t forget to ensure your masturbation experience is a well-rounded one; create the right ambiance with mood lighting and music, be mindful and present in the moment and pay attention to your body and it’s response to certain touches and experiment with speed and pressure to explore different sensations that you might like. 

Embracing male masturbation as a healthy and natural part of life is crucial for overall well-being. By understanding its benefits and exploring various ways to enhance the experience, men can enjoy a fulfilling and enjoyable self-love routine. Remember, your journey is personal, and investing in quality products can enhance your experience. 

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