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Ultimate Pleasure with the WAVY II COOL Edition male masturbator EGG features overlapping rippling ridges for wave after wave of stimulation; Vertical ribs form a strong structure for even more dynamic sensation.


  • A Cooling Touch: The TENGA WAVY II Cool Edition comes with a menthol-infused lotion that provides a blast of cooling sensations.
  • Super-Stretch Sensation: Discrete and portable, our one-size-fits-all male masturbators are constructed of super-stretchable elastomer that expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of size.
  • Unique Interiors: External designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – with a variety of different designs containing different sensations, you're sure to find a perfect match.
  • Disposable Easy-To-Use Design: Crack open the shell-like casing, pour in the attached lotion, and you're ready to go; Simply place our male stroker back in the shell and dispose of.


To use it, you just have to remove the wrapper and lubricate it with the lubricating lotion. Place on the tip as if it were a condom and pull down.

Dare to discover the other side of masturbation.


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