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Do you need your perfect satisfaction to spend the day relaxed and without pressure? Satisfyer Men Classic will be available happy to support you, because a man like you deserves a masturbator worthy of him. It will also be I'll be happy to accompany you while you watch a movie or two or take a shower.


This elegant toy for men contains a realistic toy made of super soft imitation leather material. Combined with the right lubricant, sliding and thrusting comes impressively close to the emotional experience of real sex. His penis firmly encased in the wet tunnel with an attractive and distinctive structure. This makes realistic solo play unforgettable! With the innovative internal pressure regulator, you can provide additional intensity, while your penis experiences a pleasurable orgasm from glans to base.


The design of the case is subtle, elegant and discreet, suitable for the modern man with style. Thanks to the lid, you can hygienically close and store the masturbator. Perfect!


  • Stimulation of the entire penis
  • Innovative internal pressure regulator
  • Super soft Cyberskin material cover
  • Super soft material for an intense feel
  • Water resistant
  • Interchangeable covers
  • Total length: 29.5 cm
  • Max diameter: 9.6 cm
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Easy cleaning


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