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Local stimulant super female orgasm Enhancer gel and intimate exclusive and very useful for today's woman.


  • It has effects glass active and stimulating the erogenous zones and the tactoreceptores and sensitising, active of the female orgasm.
  • It has aphrodisiac effects and exciting properties.
  • It arouses sexual desire and favors the female orgasm in quality and intensity.
  • The action is lasting and pleasant, making that sexual relationships are fully satisfactory.


Highly recommended in situations in which you want to get a real climax and a nice couple sexual relationship, or the masturbation, especially in cases of frigidity, sexual apathy, uncomfortable and unpleasant insights in any situation that you want to enhance and increase women's sexual pleasure and, for massage and manipulation of erogenous zones.


A stimulant with an optimum response of sexual pleasure.

  • Use mode: Extend sufficient amount of gel on the area intimate vulvar and if you wish you can further boost its action if it applies in the erogenous zones, such as the chest, belly, etc. Wait a few minutes, and take advantage of this time to initiate the caresses and the games, will now be in terms of penetration and a prompt and intense climax.
  • Container 100 cc


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