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For over a decade, the Fleshlight Original Lady has introduced more men to the pleasures of Fleshlight products than any other Fleshlight sleeve.

The ideal introduction to the Fleshlight experience, penetrating the soft folds of our patented Real Feel SuperSkin material, and sliding along the durable yet soft Original sleeve, elevates the masturbation experience to an exciting new level of sexual satisfaction without equal.

While this particular model may lack the texture that other Fleshlight sleeves offer, the mastery of the Original will allow it greater recognition from its predecessors. At less than 2cm, the inner channel diameter is narrow and snug enough for most men, and demonstrably better for those with an above-average girth.

  • Fleshlight® is 100% safe and very easy to use and clean.

Modeled after the female anatomy and available in light pink, the Original Lady is the first step towards discovering why more than three million men have chosen Fleshlight products to enjoy the pleasures of masturbation, alone or with a partner. .

This unique, patented design features our SuperSkin sleeve, which fits elegantly into our iconic black Fleshlight case.

Made to look like an ordinary flashlight, our Fleshlight case is more than just a discreet storage medium, and provides two important additional functions: creating pressure on the sleeve during use and allowing the user to control the amount of suction experienced, by adjusting end cap pressure.

The sleeve can be easily removed for cleaning, and the case design is compatible with any of our Fleshlight sleeves.

These two elements, the SuperSkin sleeve and the plastic case, combine to form a device that is more of a tool than a sex toy, providing unparalleled levels of intensity through classic methods of achieving sexual satisfaction without a partner.

Main features;

  • Material: SuperSkin
  • Length: 25.5cm
  • Channel diameter: 2cm
  • Pink colour
  • Orifice: Lady (Vagina)
  • Texture: Original (Smooth)
  • Includes: Fleshlight Sleeve & Fleshlight Case
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Lubricant: Water based ONLY

With proper maintenance, Fleshlight products can last for several years.

Using Fleshlight® frequently, you will strengthen your erections and increase the strength of the penis, due to the training of the tissues of the member. You will notice an improvement in a few months.

  • Fits all penis sizes.

It includes a practical lid, to be able to store and protect it once used.


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