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Discover the pleasure of groping games. Shhh is a mask that invites suspense and erotic play. On each side of the ribbon there is a message that proposes unleashing the most ardent fantasies (Ohhh), or the most secret ones (Shhh).

Content: satin ribbon mask with sensual messages.

Did you know...

...sight is the most developed sense and dominates the rest? Therefore, by limiting it, the rest of the senses are sharpened, especially touch; Perception changes, and everything becomes more intense and deeper.


...entering the world of sensations requires a gesture as simple as closing your eyes and in the dark, a whisper, some sensual words or a melody can make desire explode? hiding your lover's gaze behind Shhh and caressing their skin with different textures such as feathers, massage gel or candle, or ice, will you be able to intensify the experience?


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